By: Melinda Spencer (Powerlifter, Spartan Racer, Cross-Fitter, Radio Host, Blogger and WNBF Bikini & Figure Pro Drink Water! – Lots of Water. This is one thing that I have always needed to pay attention too. I try to focus on getting a

The “Life Vest” For Your CrossFit Affiliate

For more information on how you can get coaching from Robby, visit: 

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Tight Shoulders? Try this twisting wall press

If you have tight shoulder then give this exercise a try. For a complete 6 Step Shoulder Mobility Program, click here to learn more.

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Why You Should Be Using LBO’s

Many Box Owner's are afraid to use LBO's in their business. In this video Robby explains why LBO's are one of the best things you can do to get more people in the door. For more information on Robby's coaching program, click here.

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Your Box Is Like A Bucket

When it comes to your Box and is like a bucket. Learn why in this video and how it can help you improve retention. For more information on Robby's coaching program, click here. 

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#1 Tool You Need To Market Your CrossFit Box

When it comes to marketing your CrossFit is king. In this video you'll see why you need to use email and how you could be missing out on thousands of dollars. Want to take your Box to the next level? Click here to learn more abo

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#1 Mistake Box Owners Are Making


In this video Robby explains the number one mistake Box Owners are making and how to fix it quickly. To schedule a free call with Robby click here. For more information on Robby's coaching program, click here.

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3 Tips To Learn Double Unders


Struggling with double unders? Make sure to check out these 3 tips! For our complete 21 day training program, visit:

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Why waist training doesn’t work


Waist ‘training’ is a new trend that is sweeping the fitness nation. It’s everywhere; Hollywood, social media, gyms, but the questions is does it work and is it healthy? I’m no doctor, but ‘training’ oneâ€

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Tips to Help Stay Healthy During Summer

Screenshot 2015-08-27 22.19.02

Summer is here!!! For those that are parents, that also means the kids are out of school (yay? Haha) Summers are usually filled with fun trips, vacations, lots of family time, cookouts, weddings etc. This also means a TON of freakin food. If your Su

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