Fitness Industry Scams: What’s Real & What’s Fake?

If you haven’t been up on the latest fitness industry buzz, let me take a quick second to fill you in.

There is an ever popular supplement company that has been at the epicenter of a huge scamming frenzy. I won’t name this company here, but they are pretty much everywhere!

Along with their popular brand of supplements, they also endorse athletes such as Paige Hathaway and Devin Physique who have 1 million plus followers on social media sites.

There have been two major issues taking place with Devin Physique and his supplement sponsor, which translate directly into major issues across the fitness industry.

  1. The photo shopping of pictures.
  2. Cookie Cutter diet plans being passed off as ‘Customized’.

Let’s be real for a second here, we all have used filters on pictures.

We want to make ourselves look like the best possible versions of ourselves before we post a picture on social media.

I see nothing wrong with that, and I have done it myself. What I haven’t done and what I don’t agree with is the photo shopping of body parts, which leads me to my first point:

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t put too much stock into your favorite social media models.

Not everyone photo shops their pictures, but many do, and they do it to the extreme. If her ass looks non proportionate to her body than it most likely is photo shopped, not from the training plan she is promoting. It’s easy to fall for it and look up to these models as your ‘goal body’. Well, you can’t obtain a photo shopped body, so try not to base your goals on these pictures. 

So now you have these photo shopped models or brand representatives selling ‘customized diet and workout plans’ to the masses.

‘Cookie Cutter Diet Plans’ are NOT ‘Customized Plans’.

Please tell me how one person or even a person with a set of assistants is going to send out personalized diet plans to thousands of people?

They can’t, and they are cookie cutter plans. How can you get a 16 week personalized plan if you aren’t checking in weekly with your coach? Plans need to be tailored based on week to week results based on the clients’ progress.

Furthermore, many of these supplement companies offering diet plans ask you to buy all their products when starting on one of their diets.

Well duh . . .  of course they do. It’s all about revenue, it’s a business and making money is the primary goal.

My final thoughts . . . .  there are so many fitness models/companies that photo shop their pictures, Devin Physique is just the tip of the iceberg.

The fitness industry is just that, an industry.

Unfortunately, not all business practices are honest ones and it is up to the consumer to do some research. There are plenty of amazing trainers and diet coaches out there, and while buying cheaper plans online may be more convenient, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Remember to keep realistic goals, and while looking at fitness models is great motivation just know many of them look different in person.

Melinda Spencer (Corssino)

(CrossFitter, Powerlifter, Spartan Racer, Blog Show Host, WNBF Bikini & Figure Pro)


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