The Strongest Mammal On Earth (and what’s holding you back)

Do you know what the strongest land mammal on earth is?

If you were to guess me, that is a hell of a guess and you get a ton of bonus points from me….but you’d be wrong.

Actually, the strongest land mammal on earth is actually the African Bush Elephant.


I mean look at that thing…I certainly wouldn’t want to get in it’s way!

I’m sure most of us know that elephants are strong given their size….but I bet you didn’t know just how amazingly strong they are.

A full grown elephant can lift over 14,000 pounds!

To put that into perspective….that is roughly 130 regular size people or….

The entire New England Patriots  roster and then some!

Now here is the funny thing…

When an elephant grows up in captivity…what do you think is used to keep them in one place and from running away?

A massive cage with iron bars? A electrical fence that has a strong voltage?

Nope….none of those.

In fact…the only thing that is used to hold these powerful creatures is this…


Yup…thats a tiny rope.

These elephants are taught at a young age that the rope holds them in one place, even into their adulthood.

Do you think the elephant that is capable of lifting over 14,000 pounds could easily break that rope? Of course right?

But what holds it back is that it was taught from a young age that it cannot.

Pretty sad right ?I mean it almost sounds silly….like why doesn’t the elephant just break the rope?

Well here’s the thing…YOU are exactly like that elephant. 

You are capable of so much in your training and in all areas of your life.

You can push yourself farther in your training than you can ever imagine and you are capable of doing anything…losing that weight, lifting that new PR, setting that new record.

But you don’t because you are help back by that little rope…the negative comments you were told growing up, the people who told you that you can’t do it, the people who didn’t believe in you and of course, your own self doubts.

Let me tell you something…you are capable of much more! Your dreams, your training goals, everything….YOU CAN accomplish it.

Don’t let a silly little “rope” hold you back from your training goals and any other goals you have in life.

Break that rope that is mentally holding you back and get after your goals. Hell, CRUSH your goals.

You can do anything because you are a BEAST…you just have to break the rope and get after it.





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