Time To Adjust Our Focus…

It’s amazing to see how big CrossFit has become in the last few years…

What used to be a simple, underground type of program is now a Global Monster that has sponsored athletes, television deals, multi million dollar partnerships, and literally a brand new market that would not exist without CrossFit.

And overall I think it is an amazing thing that has helped millions of people become fitter, more confident and happier versions of themselves.

But when I look around lately…I think many athletes have lost sight and focus on what is important.

When CrossFit first started…it was only about one thing

The training.

It didn’t matter what shoes you were wearing because well….there were no CrossFit specific shoes.

It didn’t matter what brand of equipment you used for your barbell and weights…you used what was available.

There were no debates or opinions on what was the best type of programming to do…you followed the main site WOD.

The only things that mattered was doing the WODs, trying to improve on your fitness which meant improving your skills, getting stronger and getting faster.

That’s it.

But along the way we’ve lost focused.

Instead of focusing on putting our effort into getting better, we focus on buying the newest colorway for the Metcon’s, buying 16 pairs of booty shorts and making sure we have at least 7 brands on our body at all times while we workout.

I’ve fallen into that trap myself. At one point I had all the shoes, shirts and gear that came out and I kept wanting more.

But then I realized something…

My new shoes won’t help me improve my butterfly pullups.

That energy drink isn’t going to get me to do my first muscle up.

Having 2 pairs of lifters, 3 belts and 4 different color wrist wraps won’t get me to hit that 10 PR in my snatch.

Those 10 different pairs of Stance socks won’t help fix that shoulder pain.

It’s time to re-adjust our focus.

Instead of focusing and spending time and money on having all of the things….focus on investing your time in your money in your training.

If you are having trouble with your overhead mobility, invest in a mobility program or see a physical therapist that can help improve your mobility so you can keep training.

If you are having trouble with a certain movement or skill….spend your time and effort working on that skill until it becomes a strength. Invest in a coach or a training program that will help you learn that skill faster than you would on your own.

Invest in yourself and in improving your fitness level.

Put the phones away and spend an hour without taking a selfie or posting on instagram.

Spend your time and effort on becoming a better more well rounded athlete.

Go back to your roots and keep your WODs simple but intense.

Set a goal for your training and work your ass off to accomplish it.

I promise once you re-focus and set your sights solely on your training and leave all the other distractions behind…you will feel more invigorated and you’ll rekindle that passion that you had for CrossFit when you first started.

And once you accomplish your goals…thats when you can reward yourself with some new gear.

But until then…let’s focus on what started us on this wild ride. The training.






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