Tips to Help Stay Healthy During Summer

Summer is here!!!

For those that are parents, that also means the kids are out of school (yay? Haha) Summers are usually filled with fun trips, vacations, lots of family time, cookouts, weddings etc. This also means a TON of freakin food.

If your Summer is like mine, you have an event to go to almost every weekend, and they all involve food. It’s tough to not eat at an event because you don’t want to be rude, and let’s be honest . . . the food is usually awesome. And let’s not even get on the topic of booze.

The main issue is, you need to enjoy yourself but not fall off the bandwagon.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while enjoying yourself this Summer:

Stay Active: This does not necessarily mean hitting the gym. There are always fun and exciting activities available no matter where you are this Summer. Hiking, kayaking, running, swimming, even just a walk to explore a new town. Get up and get moving!

Have some cheat meals, not a cheat week: New foods, fun drinks; we are bound to splurge a bit, but everything in moderation. If you are at an event, pick one unhealthy food option to try, but don’t make it a whole day affair.

Feel extra ambitious? Track your food: I track my food with the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app. You don’t even have to track your macros. Even if you just track your overall intake, you are at least accountable for what you are eating. It’s all about looking at patterns and figuring out what works best for you. If you put on a couple pounds in the last month, you can look back at a food log and usually figure out what happened.

Just because it’s being served, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. You are NOT being rude by not eating exactly what is served. If you are at a restaurant, customize your order. If it’s on the menu they can most likely accommodate your request. At a family event? Bring your food if what they are eating doesn’t fit your diet. Have a salad but don’t have the BBQ ribs, or have the ribs and skip dessert and the side dishes. You are in control of what you eat, and others should be respectful of that. 

Avoid the extras: Ask for your toast dry at breakfast, ask for your vegetables steamed, and ask for things grilled instead of fried. Restaurants tend to add butter, salt, oil and more to your food, but you can always ask for your meals without all these extras. Even just asking for extras (butter, dressing, etc.) on the side will help you control your portions.

Pack or buy healthy snacks: Going to be beach? Going on a long road trip? Pack healthy options. Pre-prep food so that if you get stuck with nothing but fast food options you have a backup plan!

Remember to have fun! Let loose and enjoy a little extra food!

Don’t put yourself in a position where you gain weight that will take a lot of effort to lose. Don’t let yourself fall into that downward spiral. Stay positive and stay healthy.

Melinda Spencer (Corssino): (CrossFitter, Powerlifter, Spartan Racer, Blog Show Host, WNBF Bikini & Figure Pro)


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